Welcome to Kitsu Koi - Quality Koi, Quality Service, Impartial Advice.

At Kitsu Koi, we offer free impartial advice on all aspects of koi keeping, from selecting koi & koi health to koi pond construction, and we also offer home visits and pond maintenance.

Our purpose built premises have  sales ponds, and all of our systems run on Evolution Aqua Nexus filters, giving our fish the best possible environment. These systems act as perfect working models to show our customers how these filters perform when put under real pressure!

Our extensive range of dry goods and fittings include top brands such as Evolution Aqua, Hikari, TMC, Japan Pet Drugs, Kusuri, Sequence etc. This means we can supply all the products needed to build, improve and maintain quality koi ponds and your prized nishikigoi. 

We stock healthy, fully quarantined Japanese Koi from quality breeders such as Torazo, Yohei, Omosako, Marudo, Yagenji, Shintaro, Yamamatsu, Momotaro, Izumiya, Sakai and many more. Our stocks at any one time range from Tosai to Yonsai in most varieties depending on the season. Our aim is to supply high grade koi, without alienating newcomers to the hobby. 

If your looking for that special koi purchase, have a problem with your pond that you don’t know how to rectify, or are looking for an addition to your existing koi pond set up, please give us a call on 07931737655.

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